Heavy flooding, mudslides and snow as storm hits California
Winter storm Diego to bring heavy swath of snow from Southern Plains to Appalachians
Severe storms bring flooding in Queensland after bushfire
Severe flash flooding in Mosul, several families displaced
Winter storm Carter lashes many parts in US, brings heavy snow, kills 1
Major earthquake strikes Alaska, prompts Tsunami warning
Ferocious storm batters Atlantic Canada with heavy snow and strong winds
Storm Diana batters UK with heavy rain and life threatening winds
Sydney lashed by major storm, dangerous deluge continues, 1 killed
Northeast US to be hit by Midwest Storm with heavy rain and threat of flooding
Earthquake in western Iran leaves more than 500 injured
Winter storm slams central US with heavy snow and destructive winds
Southeast Australia battered by powerful storm system
Storm to spread ice, rain across eastern US
Guatemala's Fuego volcano eruption forces 4,000 to evacuate
Guatemala's Fuego volcano eruption forces 4,000 to evacuate
6 7 magnitude under water earthquake strikes Fiji Islands
Tropical storm Toraji slams Vietnam, 13 killed, 4 missing
Winter storm slams eastern US and New England, 8 killed, thousands left without power
Cyclone Gaja Live updates: 6 killed, 76,290 people evacuated
Cyclone Gaja to batter Tamil Nadu today
10 killed in Rio de Janeiro landslide
Damage Reported in Louisiana as Tornadoes Strike Deep South
Storm’s flooding kills 29 in Sicily
Florida Bay area battered by several storms and tornadoes, 2 killed with widespread damage
Severe flooding with thunderstorms and heavy snow braces Europe
Typhoon Yutu turns deadly in Philippines, Hurricane Oscar takes over
Dozens feared to be dead in Philippines Typhoon Yutu and landslide
Venice confronted by heavy flooding, 6 killed
Death toll rises in Jordan flood
Hurricane Willa hits Mexico as a category 3 storm
Arunachal, Assam on Alert as Tibet Landslide causes Siang River to Swell
Hurricane Willa to become a category 5 storm before striking Mexico
China alerts India after landslide blocks river, 6000 evacuated
Death toll from storm Michael rises
Major flooding across central Texas, 1 killed
9 Climbers killed in Himalayan snowstorm in Nepal
Flash floods kill dozen in France
UK severely battered by Storm Callum, worst flooding in 30 years, 2 killed
Cyclone Titli, hits Andhra, West Bengal, Odisha, death toll rises
Landslide in eastern Uganda kills 31, 15 killed in Majorca flooding, Spain
Tropical Tropical storm Michael slams Florida
Haiti earthquake death toll rises, many more injured
Haiti rocked by a powerful earthquake, dozens killed
Heavy flash flooding in Italy, 2 dead
Indonesia triple hit: earthquake, tsunami and volcano
Mount Soputan erupts after twin disasters battered Indonesia
Super typhoon Kong Rey to batter Japan with great force
Tropical storm Rosa brings threat to 12 million people
Tropical storm Zorba smashes Greece
Death toll rises to 800 in Indonesian earthquake, tsunami
Typhoon Trami batters Japan, 2 killed
Powerful earthquake hits Indonesia, tsunami swipes away many houses, dozen killed
Death toll rises in Philippines landslide, another storm in its way
Update from heavy flooding in Punjab and Himachal Pradesh
Heavy widespread flooding in Norwalk
Storm Fabienne batters Central Europe
Heavy rainfall in Himachal Pradesh wreaks havoc again...
Cyclone Daye
Storm Bronagh hits UK after storm Ali
Storm Ali severely lashes UK, 2 killed
Storm Ali to batter UK with high wind speed
Typhoon Mangkhut rage, 100 dies in severe landslide
Floodwaters as Florence death toll rises to 17
Typhoon Mangkhut kills at least 69 after lashing Philippines and China
Sikkim Cut Off After Landslide on Highway, Many Stranded
Hurricane Florence hits North Carolina
Hurricane Florence prompts mandatory evacuations
Massive landslide in Nainital’s Hari Nagars
Heavy flooding in Alexandria, Hurricane Florence on its way
Extreme Hurricane Florence to hit Southeast and Mid Atlantic, three dies in flash flooding in Texas
Severe thunderstorm batters Sydney
Flooding kills dozens in North Korea
Flooding kills dozens in North Korea
7.8 magnitude earthquake rocks Fiji Island
Strong earthquake shakes Japan, 2 killed, dozens injured
Heavy flooding in Kansas
Typhoon Jebi update
Tropical storm Gordon
Flash flooding in Northern Bexar County
Typhoon Jebi hits Japan, strongest in 25 years
16 dead in heavy rains and incessant flooding in Uttar Pradesh : "it'stomorrownews"
Heavy rains in Nagaland kill 12: "it'stomorrownews"
Heavy storm sweeps through Ontario, floods streets
Heavy rains batter New Delhi, Gurugram, 5 killed in Uttar Pradesh
Flooding, landslides at multiple places in India
6.0 Magnitude Earthquake in the western IRAN : 26/8/2018
Lane batters Hawaii with life threatening flooding, dozens of landslides
Typhoon Cimaron slams mainland Japan with damaging winds 2
Hurricane Lane braces Hawaii, with strong winds and heavy rains
Category 4 Hurricane Lane threatens Hawaii
7.3 magnitude earthquake strikes Venezuela, Trinidad and neighboring countries
5 killed in landslide in Jammu and Kashmir’s Kishtwar
Heavy flooding in Karnataka as well, 12 dead, many displaced
3 major earthquake strikes near Fiji, Tonga and Indonesia, 2 dead
Kerala flood situation worsens, death toll still climbs
Death toll rises in Kerala floods, 3 dead in landslide in Karnataka
35 died after a bridge in Italy collapsed due to a storm
Flash flooding in New Jerseys
18 dead as heavy rains destroys Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand
Kerala flood havoc, death toll rises
Las Vegas knocked out by powerful storm
Massive mud slide in Switzerland
Flash flooding in southern France
Severe flash flooding and landslide in Kerala
Heavy rainfall and landslides at multiple places in Himachal Pradesh
Intense flash flooding in Toronto
Massive Landslide in Italy, 2 killed, several evacuated
Bankura in West Bengal faces heavy flooding
Nepal witnesses severe landslide
4 killed in Uttrakhand heavy rains and landslides
Monsoon storm devastated Arizona with massive dust storms, thunderstorms and heavy rains
Strong dust storm sweeps through South Australia
Devastating flooding in Uttar Prdesh, massive landslide in Darjeeling
Yamuna river rises to a critical level, 3000 people evacuated
Typhoon Jongdari hits Japan
Lombok hit by an earthquake
Vanuatu erupts again, thousands evacuated
Heavy rain lashes North India NCR
Over 3 lakh affected by floods in Odisha, 20 dead
Flash Flooding Swamps Northeast, Mid Atlantic
21 killed in Vietnam and Philippines and China devasted by tropical storm Ampil
Storms, Tornadoes hit Ohio and other Midwestern cities
Storms with Damaging Wind gusts in Midwest and Southeast US
Severe flooding knocks down Northeastern area of US
Odisha paralyzed by heavy rainfall
7 killed, 25 injured in Jammu and Kashmir landslide, Mumbai witnesses highest tide of the season
Flagstaff, Arizona flash flooding
Japan severe flooding, death toll rises to 195
India drowns in heavy rainfall
Dozens injured after tornado hits North Dakota
Typhoon Maria slams China and Taiwan
Mumbai Mumbai city gears up for another day of very heavy rainfall
Heavy rains, dust storm pounds Arizona’s Phoenix
Death toll rises in Japan flooding while it also being hit by an earthquake
Heavy rains continue to lash Mumbai
Nagpur paralyzed by heavy rains
Severe flooding forces more than to 1 million to flee in Japan
Kent hit by thunderstorms and flash floods
Russia hit by earthquake
Shimla receives record breaking rainfall
Flash flooding in Houston
Over 1,500 Mansarovar Pilgrims from India Stuck In Nepal in Bad Weather
Snow Blankets Parts of the Northern Rockies
Thunderstorm slams greater Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Mumbai lashed by heavy rains again, IMD warns for more
Heavy rains in South Korea as Typhoon Prapiroon approaches
Flood alert in Kashmir
Landslide triggered by heavy rainfall, blocks Manali Leh highway
Bali’s Mt Agung awakes again
Heavy rains cause flooding in Greater Boston, Singapore, Athens, China, as severe storm rips through
Landslide in Dhading district, Nepal
Heavy rains and flash flooding across the globe
Vietnam floods, 17 killed
Mumbai lashed with very heavy rains, Gujarat witnessed the same
Flood situation improves in Assam, but still in deluge
Massive storm sweeps through Prince George
Flash flooding in Texas
Tornadoes, hail damage reported as severe weather strikes Colorado
Kerala major landslides, death toll rises to 13
3 dead, 200 injured as strong quake hits Osaka
Assam floods turn critical
15 killed in Uttar Pradesh by invasive dust storms
Flash floods and landslides in Manipur and Mizoram
France drenched by heavy rainfall
Hawaii volcano eruption update
Flash flooding strikes Cass County, Michigan
Oklahoma hit by torrential rain
Guatemala volcano warns of greater activity
Hawaii burnt by volcano and shook by earthquake
Mumbai rains brings city to halt
25 killed and hundreds injured as volcano erupts in Guatemala
Cloudburst in Uttrakhand, heavy rain wreaks havoc
Tropical storm Alberto slammed North Carolina, emergency declared
Pre monsoon and monsoon hustle begins in India
Two journalists killed as Tropical Storm Alberto hits Florida Panhandle
Devastating floods slams Ellicott and Baltimore
Mt Kilauea in Hawaii erupts along with an earthquake
Severe dust storm, rains in Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan Uttrakhand
Abrupt weather in UK with heavy rains and strong winds
Israel severe flash floods
EF-1 tornado causes damage in Galliano
Kauai pounded by heavy rain
Severe storm in Northern Arkansas
Powerful storm batters New Zealand
North Eastern Indian States are lashed by pre monsoon rains
California Battered by Powerful Storm
Davao jolted by 6 magnitude earthquake
Tornadoes batters mid west
Tornadoes batters mid west
Tropical Storm Iris
Tropical Storm Josie
Magnitude 6.9 earthquake shakes Papua New Guinea
Orange snow transforms Eastern Europe into 'Mars'
Ex cyclone Nora brings flooding
Winter Storm Uma
Tropical Storm Marcus reached category 5
Winter Storm Toby
Severe storms spawn tornadoes, damage houses in South East region and UK
Tropical Storm Eliakim battered Madagascar
Tropical cyclone Marcus batters Darwin
Britain to witness heavy snow in 24 hours
Solar Storm to hit Earth today
Winter Storm Skylar : update
Winter Storm Skylar
Winter Storm Quinn hits North East
Another Nor'easter approaches North East
UK storm update
Winter Storm Riley batters North East, brings chaos
UK snow storm causes great disrupt
Travel by cruise ship to Panama Canal (HD)
Heavy snowfall in UK
Rare snowfall covers Rome
Severe storms, tornadoes batters Mid South, leaves at least 2 dead
Papua New Guinea shaken by powerful earthquake
Central US faces massive flood
Devastating flooding from Storm Oliver
Winter Storm Oliver : USA
Mount Sinabung erupts : Indonesia
Heavy snowfall in Birmingham, Britain to face freezing temperatures
Northern and Central India faces heavy snowfall, rainfall and hailstorm hit, farmers suffer
Cyclone Gita: Tonga devastated by worst storm in 60 years
Tropical Storm Gita batters Samoa moves towards Tonga
Winter Storm continues across US Mid West
Chicago and Detroit may see 10 inches of snow
Winter Storm brings heavy snow to Northeast and New England
Earthquake hits Taiwan again, kills 4, injures 225
Record breaking snowfall in Moscow
6.1 Magnitude Earthquake rattled
6.1 earthquake jolts northern India
Winter Storm Kalani brings light...
Mayon volcano : Deadly mudflows...
Storm Georgina batters Britain...
Paris floods as River
Mayon Volcano Philippines
Mount Kusatsu Shirane Erupts
Earthquake hits Gulf of Alaska, prompting...
Winter Storm Jaxon:Central United States
Deadly storm Friederike hits Germany...
M6.3 Quake Strikes Gulf of California...
Tropical Cyclone Berguitta hits...
Inter Storm Inga | | USA once again
Heavy snowfall disrupts Scotland
Philippines volcano begins spewing lava
Deadly earthquake shakes southern Peru
Winter Storm Hunter
Major 7.6 magnitude Earthquake Strikes...
Sahara Desert covered in snow for...
California heavy rains caused...
Flash floods in Singapore
Brutal Storm follows massive...
Winter Storm Grayson
Winter Storm Grayson
Storm Eleanor hits Britain
New Year to bring MAJOR...
Southern, Midwest storms may
Erie, Pennsylvania, Breaks Snowfall...
Tropical Storm Tembin
Severe storm hit the states
Winter Storm Dylan
More than 30 dead in Philippines...
UK weekend snowstorm...
6.1 earthquake strikes eastern Iran
Srinagar receives season's...
California Wildfires
Deadly Winter Storm...
Storm Caroline hits...
Winter Storm Benji..
Earthquake of 5.5 magnitude..
Cyclone Ockhi batters
Bali Volcano alert...
At least 11 dead as floods...
Deadly floods hit...
Quake in South Korea ...
7.2 Magnitude earthquake...
Severe Storms and Tornado...
Typhoon Damrey Kills at Least...
Typhoon Damrey in Penang...
Powerful storm in parts...
Nate Tropical Leaves Tens
Tropical Storm Nate: 22...
Snow storm in Montana, USA...
Maria Bringing Gusty Winds...
Hurricane Maria leaves...
Hurricane Maria strikes...
Mexico Earthquake: More Than...
After effects of Caribbean...
Hurricane Irma: At least...
Irma hit downtown Miami...
Hurricane Irma, currently...
Mexico earthquake of magnitude...
Deadly Hurricane Irma ...
Tropical Storm Harvey's: ...
Monsoon rains bring Mumbai...
Tropical Storm Harvey's...
Worst is Still to Come as Historic...
Hurricane Harvey's wind make...
Flooding in Kansas City, USA
Ischia earthquake One dead...
In Nepal Flood Now 120...
In Sierra Leone mudslides...
56 dead and 69.81 lakh people...
Incessant rains lash Gujarat...
Mizoram in Flash Floods...
Storms Set Rainfall Records,...
Cyclone Mora's Strong Winds And...
6.5 Magnitude Earthquake...
Unprecedented rainfall in southern...
Half Million Affected by Monsoonal...
Thousands evacuated...
Three Tornadoes Touched...
Rain triggers landslides...
Mizoram in Flash Floods...
Storms Set Rainfall Records,...
Cyclone Mora's Strong Winds And...
Sri Lanka floods Battle to rescue...
A powerful Cyclone Debbie...
Flooding and Mudslides in Peru
Winter Storm Stella
A pair of strong aftershocks..
Tasmanian: Huonville hit by worst ...
Flood in Madhya Pradesh...
Thunderstorms with Hail...
Strong Earthquake Jolted Nicaragua...
Storm Colin lashes Southeastern U. S . ...
Wild Weather Batters Australia ...
Flood in Paris as Seine River ...
Texas Floods: State of Disaster ...
Strong Earthquake of 6 5 Magnitude ...
Sydney's coldest May Morning ...
Hawaii Volcano Eruption ...
U.S. Struck by serever Thunderstorms...
Equador struck by M 7.8 Earthquake ...
Tornado hits Battle Ground, Washington ...
7.2 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Tajikistan ...
Mount Etna, Itlay erupts ...
Snowstorm in South Dakota ...
Ice flash flood first time in Saudi Arabia ...
Cyclone Chapala hits Socotra Island ...
Massive Earthquake in North India ...
Earthquake rocks North Colombia...
Cotopaxi Volcano Spews out Gases ...
Flash flooding in French Riviera, France ...
Typhoon Mujigae hits southern China ...
Snowfall in Fairbanks, Alaska ...
Typhoon Dujuan hits Taiwan...
Earthquake of 6.6 M in Indonesia's...
Kashmir, India: Call of early winter ...
Rohtang experiences Snowfall ...
Tornado in Peloponnese, Greece ...
Snowfall of 16" at Big Sky ...
Hailstorm batters NSW Central Coast ...
Earthquake of 8.3 M hits Chile, 11 killed ...
Dust Storm sweeps Middle East ...
Storm Etau hits Central Japan ...
Snow and Hailstones attered Britain ...
Typhoon Goni braces Philippines...
UPDATE Typhoon Soudelor strikes China...
UPDATE Typhoon Soudelor hits Taiwan...
Hurricane Guillermo loses...
Hailstorm & Heavy rains cause flooding ..
Hail storm in Boston, US
Super typhoon Soudelor aims at Taiwan...
Super typhoon Soudelor enters Philippine ..
Flood in south Tampa Bay, US
Snowfall in Hobart
Cyclone Komen in Manipur
Earthquake of 5.7 M hits Queensland
Strom brings thunder, hail with...
Cyclone Komen hits Bangladesh and Odisha
6.3M earthquake hits Alaska
Heavy rain floods Gujarat
Atlantic downpour sweeps in Britain
Heavy Rainfall in western Rajasthan
Deadly flood in Pakistan
Earthquake of 6.0 Magnitude in Indonesia
Tornado in southern Calgary
Madhya Pradesh flooded in rain
Weather burst in Auckland...
Kansas tornado affects Illinois, Port Byron..
Typhoon Nangka hits Japan
16oooft huge EF3 tornado hits Kansas
Snow in South East Australia
Volcano Erupts in Western Mexico
China braces for typhoon Chan-Hom
Volcanic eruption
Assam Floods Affected 80,000 People
Tropical Storm Floods in North Philippines
Earthquake hits Xinjiang, China
Floods and Landslides in China
Earthquake of 5.2 strikes Egypt
Heavy rains floods in Jammu & Kashmir
Heavy Rain in Gujarat, India
Five Tornadoes hits Illinois
Floods and Snowfall in New Zealand
Dangerous Floods in Mumbai, India
Tropical Storm Bill Causes Floods in Texas
Mount Sinabung Volcano Eruption
Floods in Tbilisi, Georgia killed 12 people
Heavy Torrential Rains in South Japan
China Battered by Heavy rains killed people
Floods in Assam
Malaysia's Mount Kinabalu – Earthquake
Flash Flood called Emergency in Colorado
Heavy Rains Encountered in New Zealand ...
Life Threatening Floods Hit in Southern US ...
Worst Floods and Landslides in Nepal ...
Strong Earthquake Battered Japan
Rajasthan Heavily Affected By Dust Storm ...
Heavy Floods in Central & Southern China ...
Two Earthquakes Struck In India...
Earthquake near Wanaka in New Zealand
Nepal Earthquake: Battle between ...
Heavy Rains & Earthquake in Peshawar
Catastrophic Earthquake in Nepal...
Tremendous Chile's Calbuco...
Deadly Floods in Bihar INDIA
Debate on 22nd April 2015, Earth Day
Sandstorm hits Beijing, China
Enhanced Fujita Tornado hits Illinois
Deadly Storm hits Bangladesh
Tornado occurred in Rajasthan, India
Flash floods in Louisville, Kentucky
Typhoon Maysak in Philippines
UAE faced major sandstorm
Powerful Storm Niklas hits Central Europe
Earthquake at Papua New Guinea
Severe Floods in Bone Dry Desert, Chile
Horrible Floods Return To Kashmir Valley

Tornadoes hits in Oklahoma

Floods in Castellon, Spain

Heavy Snowfall in Badrinath, India

Coasta Rica's Turrialba Volcano Eruption

Nathan Cyclone hits Queensland, Australia

Boston Broken its Own Record

Cyclone Pam Hits South Pacific Island

Snowfall in Capracotta, Italy

Snowfall and Floods in Bulgaria
Winter Storm Thor

Volcano Erupts In Southern Chile

Volcano Forms New Island in Japan

Deadly Avalanches in Afghanistan

More Snowfall in the United States
Sand Storm in UAE

Two Tropical Storm Marcia ...

Record Break Snowfall in Middle East

Niagara Falls Frozen

Two Winter Storm Neptune and ...

Guatemala's Fuego Volcano eruption

Winter Storm Marcus in Northeast of US 

Eruption of Piton De La Fournaise...
Record Breaking Snowfall...
Snow Storm occurred between Spain ...
Floods in Albania and Greece

Another Snow Storm Linus Arrived in US

Massive Floods in Malaysia and Indonesia

Blizzard Condition of Winter Storm Juno...

Brutal Floods and Mudslides in Peru

UAE covered with snow has created...

Record Breaking Snow Storm "Juno" in US

Eruption of Colima Volcano in Mexico

Winter Storm Iola Hits Southern Plain

Floods in Balkan Coastline

Spain covered with snow

Heavy Floods in Malawi and Mozambique

UK Storm Brings High Winds, Heavy Rain

Heavy Rains and Floods in South Australia

Coldest Blast in Midwestern And …

Snow Storm Attacks the Middle East

Tropical storm 'seniang' in Philippines

Icy Wave Unabated in North India


Heavy Snowfall in North India




Morocco flash floods


China Earthquake

Earthquake in Japan

Snow Strom in northeast US

Buffalo snow storm, New York

South Eastern America Snow Falls

Hawaii lava flow


India's close encounter with Cyclone ...

Cyclone News

Japan under Cyclonic Effect

Cyclone 'HUDHUD' hits INDIA

Solar flares brewing from The Sun

Heavy Floods in Jammu & Kashmir

Monitoring Iceland Volcanic Activity

Volcanic Eruption in Papua New Guinea

Iceland News

Peru News

Chile news

North California news

Earthquake in Southern China

Himalaya Glaciers

Taiwan News

Serbia news

Heavy Storms Across Cambodia

Lake Michigan Totally Frozen

South Africa hit with Extensive Flooding..

Hail Storms in India

Heavy Floods in United Kingdom
USA under snowfall
Heavy snowfall in Japan