About us

"It's Tomorrow" is an American - Indian film to be jointly produced by a U.S. based Nanoland Incorporation and an Indian company Nanoland Ltd. The film is conceived by Dr. Rajeshkumar Acharya, the corporate advisor to Nanoland

The film will be shot in two parts with a feature length format and is a political drama that revolves around the ongoing climate change phenomenon around the world. The film will be entirely produced in the U.S. however some breathtaking visuals will be shot in few natural calamity occurring regions of the world. "It's Tomorrow" has political giants, renowned scientists and actors playing minor roles throughout the film.

Dr. Acharya's research are confident that together they will bring this story in a way that not only people who follow the trends in climate change but also a layman would have an exact idea of what actually is happening with our beautiful planet.

"It's Tomorrow" was publicly announced in the Indian Media on January, 11 2014